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A lot of our clients have been reluctant to jump into social media, and with good reason. Not only is it new and different, the risks are real, and social media seems more appropriate for pop culture than serious business. Social media isn’t going away – in fact, it’s becoming more mainstream every day. (Breaking news: the pope has a twitter account) And the opportunity is certainly there.It’s only smart to know what people are saying about you online. Individually, your customers and employees are all on social media. Are they talking about you? What are they saying? Are you talking to them?

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Reviewing Channels

In social media, as in every other marketing tool, the key is having a strategy. Pennebaker looks at your past social media activity to see which of the various channels you’re using – because each one has a unique audience, purpose, content and timing. We also analyze your process: How frequently do you post? How does that relate to your clients? Our objective is to target the right audience and produce measurable results.

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Name Search: Purging rogue accounts

Some of our clients told us their company wasn’t active on social media, but we found rogue twitter accounts using their company name and logo – and let’s just say the content was not aligned with their brand values. Oops. Also, some of our international clients have had social media channels set up for different regions without their knowledge. It’s a control issue with all kinds of implications. For example, have you recently acquired a company? Did you investigate their SM posts and strategy?

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Content Analysis

Once we explore all your social media accounts, we take a deep dive on the content published by your company, your employees and your competition, and analyze how your audience is interacting with the content. We look at how appropriate the content is for your brand and for the channel. Our report will rank both the quality of the content and the frequency of publication.

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Actionable Reports

Our audits include a full report of actionable steps – a process that will help you determine which channels should be active, shut down, or simply monitored. We can even develop an editorial calendar and generate content for channels that you decide are worth the investment.

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