How does the Coronavirus impact your sustainability messaging?

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Effectively Communicating Your Sustainability Commitment

Given the COVID-19 outbreak, companies must address its effect on their HSE, community outreach, and sustainability efforts. Each targeted stakeholder group wants to understand and believe your company’s narrative to employees, communities, analysts and the environment. Communicating effectively requires tools that present a clear story, supported with meaningful metrics and powerful visuals; reinforcing that you operate at the intersection of business strategy and sustainability.

Your communication strategy should be more than a printed report. It must integrate both your internal and external efforts, so that stakeholders will understand that sustainability is core to who you are as a company.

At Pennebaker, we have over 35 years of experience helping corporations craft and communicate stories that are clear, authentic and meaningful. We apply the appropriate channels required for maximum impact, including print, direct mail, social media, digital and web.


What specific steps are you taking to reduce your global environmental footprint? What metrics
do you use as proof? Are your sustainability efforts integrated into all your internal and external communications?

Identifying how your sustainability strategies converge with your business purpose is a first step in building a report that reinforces your business goals.

We work hand-in-hand with you and your team to explore possibilities, challenge assumptions and get answers to the right questions.


How do your sustainability efforts translate to employees, recruits, analysts and investors? Bringing the quantitative nature of ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) to life requires razor-sharp positioning, clear language and compelling visuals in order to deliver impact and understanding. Our process helps weave those elements into meaningful, authentic narratives that engage each stakeholder group.


Effective communication requires a logical structure and intuitive navigation that is designed to simplify the reader’s access to information. Pennebaker’s proven processes deliver on that promise.

If you need to create sustainability communications that are clear, understandable and effective at building relationships and trust with your stakeholders, call us.

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