Opera in the Heights

The need

Opera in the Heights is one of Houston’s signature opera companies. It gets its name from the historic, eclectic neighborhood known as The Heights. Its home is in a converted church, providing an intimate environment where the audience can experience a close connection with the orchestra and up-and-coming professional singers. It needed an updated brand that would better reflect its unique place in the Houston arts scene.

The thinking

The hallmark of Opera in the Heights is its accessibility—informal, intimate and engaging. In contrast to traditional Opera’s stuffy, pretentious aura, the laid-back, unbuttoned attitude and setting of Opera in the Heights draws in a new and different audience. They want to experience the artistic and vocal athleticism of Opera without the trappings. To them, Opera is just plain fun and entertaining. We wanted to make sure that experience came through.

The idea

We began by shifting the logo’s focus from the name to its key letters: Oh! It combines the audience’s passionate response at each performance and the lowering of the barriers usually encountered with Opera. The overall brand impact needed to scream of color, passion, fun and intrigue. We used colorful graphic illustrations to reinforce the idea that “This is not your father’s opera!” The design targets new audiences that are looking for an unforgettable night of intense and uplifting entertainment. Each year’s illustration style is distinctive but consistent in its impact.

Oh-bag-pin Oh-3-illustrations

Brochure-covers Oh-illustrations 2-posters-4 Brochure-closeup Shirt-mug-2 Posters

Bravissimo-type-3 Bravissimo-3
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