Have a strong presence wherever your customers go for answers online.

  • You’re ready to expand your digital marketing reach
  • You feel lost in a sea of unfamiliar digital marketing possibilities
  • You’re looking for digital marketing advice and content creation

There’s a digital marketing channel for every potential target.

First things first. Who’s looking for what you have to sell? Pennebaker digital marketing strategists can help you define what we call personas so we can think about and truly understand the different types of people you hope to attract to your website—and your sales funnel.

From there, we’ll consider the types of content each persona would find compelling and create a strategy that encompasses the various ways we could grab their attention.

We don’t call this strategic planning for nothing.

This is no easy task. There are as many ways to engage customers online as there are personas, starting with the basics, and moving out from there.

Website audit

Do your home and landing pages provide useful, relevant information? How easy is it to find? Recrafting your website messages and organizing content more intuitively can dramatically improve customer interactions.

Search engine optimization

How prominently does your website show up on Google or any of the other search engines your customers may use? What’s bringing visitors to your site now?

If there are legitimate issues, Pennebaker has the tools and skills to find them. We can also suggest ways to address them. And then we can help you monitor your site to make sure you’re doing all you can to improve your performance. In the meantime, paid search can help get the needle moving more quickly.

Social media

Are you using social media to your advantage? Chances are, you should be, and again, we can take a look at where you are now and what more you can do to nurture new leads and win business in all your personas’ favorite places through paid and unpaid social media efforts.

Email marketing

Maybe it’s time to get a little more personal. Let us help you plan and execute an email marketing campaign that people actually read and respond to. Hint: Keep your messages informative and interesting, rather than promotional. And, once again, monitor your results for new opportunities to improve.

Our goal is the same as yours. We want your digital marketing dollars to go further and deliver outstanding results, in the form of new and long-term customers.

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