You don’t just want to get your customers’ attention, you want to make them glad you did.

  • You have a new product or service to launch
  • You’re planning a sales event or trade show
  • You have a new logo or brand message to promote
  • You’re facing a competitive challenge

Marketing campaign intelligence

In our experience, it’s a mistake to rely on “what worked before” as your campaign strategy. Every product, service and message deserve to be carefully thought through to be sure you take advantage of the hardest-working media and creative execution to reach your audience and move them to respond.

Pennebaker is here to help you manage your campaign and budget responsibly—and, of course, to see exciting results.

Flex our creative muscles to build a strong campaign

What tools should you use? Print ads, brochures, broadcast, blogs, white papers, websites, online banner ads, social media? Yes. Maybe. No.

Again, there’s no one answer, but it pays to be as creative in your strategy as in your design. More than likely, you should consider a combination of touchpoints to reach potential customers more than once as you lead them along a path to engagement.

A direct mail campaign may be a great idea, for example. But supplementing direct mail with a personal letter and a custom landing page with links to sign up for an exclusive offer could tip the scales exponentially, without significant extra expense.

And don’t forget the rest of the team. Coordinated sales presentations and internal communications with the same look and feel are the mark of a truly buttoned-up campaign effort.

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