We take the guesswork out of pricing—and get exciting results.

  • You hate wasting R&D dollars
  • You have a new product or service to launch
  • You want to be smarter about pricing your offerings

How to avoid leaving money on the table. Or throwing it out the window. Or both.

Pennebaker’s iSight Pricing Strategy Workshop packs a powerful punch. And the earlier you involve us, the better.

Very often, sales and marketing teams undervalue products or services. And it’s also very common for R&D teams to overestimate the potential appeal of a new product or service.

Using proven conjoint analysis techniques, we can help you more accurately determine just how viable, and novel, your new offering really is by understanding exactly what it does, who it appeals to and what customers would be willing to pay for it.

We have a way of making customers talk that can save you, or make you, millions.

The iSight study helps you get to the meat of the matter. Working together, we talk with your team, or teams, about everything, so that we thoroughly understand what your new product or service is, what it does, and where you plan to go with it.  (Ideally, we’re working with your R&D team before you get too far down the road.)

Through this proven process, we ultimately create a customer survey that cleverly distinguishes what combination of product or service attributes most influence your customers’ purchase decisions. And using what we learn from this creative study, we can predict, with nearly 95% accuracy, your most attractive pricing strategy.

When all is said and done, you move forward, or change course, with confidence.

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