Build a culture of trust and inclusion and watch employees become your strongest allies.

  • Your company is planning a major change or reorganization
  • You have corporate safety concerns
  • Your brand or culture is changing
  • You’re facing a market challenge or internal crisis

If change is on the horizon, it’s time to unite the troops

Every company goes through changes. How you manage corporate change within your ranks can mean the difference between unbridled success and the complete opposite.

It’s vital that you let your employees in on the changes in store—preferably well in advance. How else can they be expected to embrace your plans and proudly share your new brand story with customers and other interested parties?

Pennebaker can help you develop internal communications to clearly explain why you’re doing what you’re doing and what it all means to your teams, whatever your reason for making changes.

And we can help make your messages stick with ongoing campaigns to maintain employee support and enthusiasm.

Protecting the integrity of your brand promise

Surely, it’s no secret that one uninformed employee can bring down a company with false claims or dangerous behavior. Conversely, an inspired team, encouraged and rewarded to live and breathe your brand promise, is unstoppable.

Pennebaker has deep experience in all levels of employee engagement and change management.

Innovation initiatives

To answer the question, “What makes our product or service so special?”

Incentive programs

To keep employees engaged and supportive

Safety initiatives

To protect people, the environment and your company’s reputation

Culture change initiatives

To align your combined workforce under a new rallying cry due to reorganization or changes to company values

Crisis management

To quickly avert or mitigate sudden emergency situations

Sales training programs

To ensure sales teams tell a consistent, accurate and compelling sales story

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