Get your business strategy and your brand strategy on the same page.

  • Your brand strategy doesn’t reflect your business strategy
  • A lack of brand discipline is confusing your market
  • Your company is launching a new product or brand

Let’s clarify your brand strategy

It’s easy for companies to lose track of core strategies over time as you grow and evolve. Pennebaker can help your senior management and marketing and sales managers rethink the relationship of company brands and offerings to create a more synergistic, successful approach.

This is particularly important when you are considering the launch of a new breakthrough product. At the heart of the process is our realistic and independent analysis of various issues affecting your business to ensure the viability and potential profitability of your products in the marketplace.

Ready to launch? Let’s be careful out there.

Pennebaker takes a systematic approach to brand strategy and architecture to ensure that your new breakthrough product lives up to its potential and your expectations. It’s imperative that we clearly understand your market and that everyone within your own ranks also has a realistic point of view, based on facts rather than intuition.

  • Is your new product or technology truly novel?
  • What will the market pay for it? (Hint: possibly more than your sales team might think.)
  • Is there another, more cost-efficient way to make waves that you’ve overlooked?

Before you waste time or worse, hard-earned R&D money, Pennebaker takes you through a series of activities that redefine your KPIs for maximum effectiveness and crystallize your positions in new and powerful ways.

Ultimately, we present an executive summary with a recommended go-to-market brand strategy based on solid analytical evidence and our own strategic insights.

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