Email Marketing Campaigns Stay in Touch with Your Clients

Email is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and prospects. Want to remind some formerly great customers how wonderful you are? Want to take a thought leadership role with your stakeholders? Want to introduce a new product or service to a new audience? Email marketing is for you!

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Targeted Content: Provide value not spam

The key to email marketing is to only send customers valuable information. Anything less and you won’t break through. We can help you create email campaigns that clients will look forward to receiving because it’s sent to the right people and contains content they find meaningful. It’s part of our job.

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Dashboarding: Monitor performance and test, test, test

How well is your current email campaign performing? If we had set it up and sent it, you would know. We can tell you if the people you wanted to open the email did in fact open it, and what they did after they opened it. And it’s not creepy at all.

We also have lots of general insider tips on email marketing campaigns. We can advise on subject lines to get the best open rates and optimal timing for distribution. Starting from a baseline, we work to improve performance with each subsequent email

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