Developing a strong content strategy may be the smartest sales call you ever make.

  • You’re ready to add content to your new website
  • Your current website content is in total disarray
  • Your online customers can’t find accurate information
  • No one knows who’s in charge of your website

It’s time to get organized for good.

Defining your content strategy isn’t a glamorous exercise. But one thing is certain: you will never regret taking the time to go through the process and follow the recommendations that come out of it. Conversely, you most definitely will regret it if you don’t. You may already know that. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What story do you have to tell?
  • Where should it go?
  • How should it be labeled?
  • Who can go in and make changes later?
  • Why are you still pushing a product your competition just refined?
  • How do you keep your content up to date?

Keeping your content fresh requires planning.

Keep your website content relevant and useful for your customers and easy for your internal teams to manage.

Consider the following:

  • If your customers can’t find the latest technical specs for your product or a clear distinguishing feature, they’re bound to move on.
  • If there’s no established guideline for how to save and label your assets, it won’t be long before no one knows how to find documents and update them easily.
  • If no one in particular is in charge of routinely checking your content for accuracy and relevancy, your customers will be confused—and they’ll go elsewhere to find what they’re looking for.

It pays to plan ahead.

Here’s what Pennebaker does to make sure your website is the valuable resource it can be:

Content audits

A fresh pair of eyes can uncover opportunities to make a greater impact with the information you share with the world. With minor adjustments, existing material may work well in new ways.

Content creation

Together, we can plan the topics to cover, write and design the content, from animations and videos to technical papers and case studies. And then, we develop editorial calendars to keep everyone and every story on track.

Taxonomy and governance

Big words for simple principles. Your Pennebaker team can create systems for organizing your online content to eliminate confusion for your customers and employees alike. In the end, when everyone knows what goes where and who says what, business gets a whole lot easier.

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