Your website isn’t an online brochure; it’s your store.

  • Your website leaves customers with more questions than answers.
  • Your sales team steers customers away from your site.
  • Your website traffic isn’t generating sales.
  • You don’t have a way to measure website performance.

What’s a lead worth to you?

Having a basic website is essential. That’s where a lot of companies land and remain. The truth is, sizable firms with ambitious sales goals need a whole other breed of website. One that’s customized to find the sweet spot between what they want to accomplish and what their prospects want to buy.

That calls for an investment of both time and money. And yet, when all is said and done, there’s no question the decision to make that investment is a wise one.

Pennebaker’s philosophy is simple in this regard: All websites should be lead-generating websites.

How to get more qualified, better informed leads from your website.

As with everything worthwhile in this world, proper planning is crucial. Pennebaker has perfected a process that first helps us understand who your prospects are and what they’re looking for.

Information architecture puts you in control.

Then, we determine how to organize your content. Think of it like the aisles and shelves of a store—a store that cares about whether potential buyers can intuitively find their way. Our goal is to develop an elegant flow that guides them to find not just what they came for but also other related products and services you want them to see.

Important next step: a visual design system

Then, and only then, do we think about the look of your site and begin designing the template from which all good things find their place.

From there, of course, we build this digital superstore, making sure it works as well on a desktop as a Smartphone or any other digital device.

We’re not done yet. You need a CMS. Trust us.

Your website’s beautiful. It works like a charm. And it delivers exactly as promised. But tomorrow, your products may change. You may want to add news and publish useful information. Others in your organization may also want to contribute, and rules help keep your website consistent. With a content management system designed just for you, you’re ready to go.

Proof that all of this work is worth the effort.

We build analytics and reporting tools right in so that we can all monitor your results and make sure your website is performing as intended—i.e., generating qualified leads.

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