Catalyst optimization is a serious business. And Crystaphase is a company of serious engineers—who seriously geek out over the mere mention of things like flow dynamics or inductively coupled plasma analyses. We wanted the website to capture not only the deep expertise of what they do, but the intense passion and personality behind it. Keeping the message clean and simple.

Crystaphase Website Mobile


To reinforce this recurring theme of structured chaos, Pennebaker developed a short video that features examples of geometric precision in a seemingly random universe—fractals and Fibonacci patterns in everything from seashells to soap bubbles. The key to understanding, predicting, and controlling processes lies in understanding the science behind them.

Brand Identity

Geometric lines, simple shapes, clean photography, open and uncomplicated layouts—this visual style further reinforced the Crystaphase brand story.

Crys Brand Id


Since Crystaphase was in the business of optimizing hydrocarbon reactions, Pennebaker reasoned that the advertising should work equally hard at eliciting customer reactions. The efforts have been very well received.

  • Crys Business Card
  • Crys Playing Cards
  • Door Art

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