Planning ahead or rectifying the past, Pennebaker nimbly navigates your new brand course.

  • Your company is considering an acquisition
  • Your company has acquired new brands
  • Customers are confused about your new family of products
  • You need help crafting new communications
  • Your teams are at odds over new brand management

Creating one big happy family of brands

Mergers and acquisitions can be perilous ventures. Bringing established products and services together under one roof is bound to create ripples if not downright quakes, despite even the best laid plans.

Pennebaker has a way of calming the waters and bringing people, products and philosophies together as one. In fact, we have many ways.

Let us help you manage your new brands, solidify your brand strategy and bring your teams onboard so your company achieves the goals you had in mind when you made the decision to expand.

Life before and after mergers and acquisitions. Enjoy the process.

Part of the Pennebaker magic lies in our ability to provide a fresh perspective that often reveals issues you could spend years overlooking and dispels myths your newly combined teams may hold on to.

It rarely makes sense for a company to offer two identical products, for example, no matter how “famous” and “respected” they may be. But it happens all the time, as companies acquire multiple brands and fail to consolidate, organize and re-strategize these new product offerings.

Whatever your challenge (and lucky you, if there’s only one) Pennebaker has seen it and solved it before, from brand overlap to company culture to focused corporate communications. Even better, let’s talk before you consider your purchase.

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