By anticipating your website visitors’ questions and temperaments, we can give you an online presence that is both engaging and highly effective. 

  • You need a hard-working, easy-to-navigate website
  • Your existing website isn’t delivering impressive results
  • Customers complain about the way your website works
  • Potential customers leave your site quickly

Easier said than done: Intuitive digital user experiences

Beautiful pictures and bells and whistles are fun to think about. But before we do that, it’s imperative that we understand your business goals. After all, your website should be working 24/7 to impress and engage potential customers.

So first, let’s figure out what you’re trying to achieve. And just as important, how your online visitors think when they’re in the market for your products and services. Often, they shop quite differently than you might expect.

That’s the starting point for great user experience (UX) design. It takes time to get there and it comes way before we worry about what colors and fonts we might use. The payoff is a site that streamlines your sales process.

Designing a website your customers appreciate

By creating the most appropriate content and organizing it properly, we can provide a sleek, seamless experience so that customers easily find what they need and discover interesting complementary offerings along the way. The impact of this experience goes much further and lasts longer than any single visit, creating a positive reaction to your brand in the minds of your customers.

As part of our UX design strategy we:

  • Organize content on a page in a way that users find it easily and find it valuable
  • Write content so that users can skim if they choose
  • Minimize “navigation frustration”
  • Lead visitors in a logical direction so they know where they are and where to go next
  • Keep design elements simple, elegant, engaging
  • Make it easy for those with visual or interactive disabilities to access your content
  • Give users confidence in your company, product or service by capturing the emotional aspects of design
  • Reconcile your business goals with your users’ needs, creating a mutually beneficial digital experience
  • Take our time to get it right

No cookie-cutter templates

Our clients are industry leaders whose operations and market positions demand more robust digital solutions than any off-the-shelf platform can provide.

That’s why every Pennebaker website

  • is custom designed to meet very specific goals and customer requirements
  • is responsive (to work and play well on any digital device)
  • includes a custom content management system (CMS)
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