Explain yourself to the world with a single, unfaltering voice.

  • Your company is making a fundamental change
  • You’re ready to share your new brand story
  • You have a new logo and marketing strategy to roll out

You have a compelling story to tell. Now what?

Reaching a consensus about the image you want your brand to project is a huge first step.  Unfortunately, the hard work is not nearly over.

On the other hand, with a clear strategy, a focused brand promise and a well-validated target audience mapped out, Pennebaker can take the pressure off you.

We can put all the pieces of the proverbial puzzle together and set the communications wheels in motion, ensuring you make a consistent impression everywhere you appear, from your letterhead to your marketing materials to your sales presentations to your customer experience.

And let’s not forget to involve your sales teams and employees.

If there’s one brand trait we love, it’s consistency.

Today, we have more ways to speak to your business prospects. Budgetarily speaking, it’s critical that you choose the right channels to avoid wasting money. More important in our mind, though, is maintaining a consistent tone and voice, and never faltering from your brand promise.

  • If you stand for reliability, prove it…
  • If you stand for innovation, never imitate.
  • If you stand for safety, never take chances.

Everything matters.

Pennebaker takes your brand promise to heart, as you should. We can implement your brand across every conceivable platform, delivering a clear and powerful stance to your customers, employees and stakeholders.

Brand guidelines

From mission statement to rules about fonts and visuals, grammar and attitude, this important document protects the brand you’ve worked so hard to build

Employee rollout

Ongoing communications keep your teams empowered to validate the company mission and values

External stakeholder rollout

Investors and market leaders must always be well informed

Visual branding

Consistency is key, from signage and uniforms to business cards and letterhead

Marketing communications

One cohesive look and feel, one powerful value message

Customer experience

At every customer touchpoint, we anticipate their needs and solve problems even before they arise

Brand videos

An emotional appeal comes to life with graphics, music and strong messaging

Lunch & Learn

Hungry for more?

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