People love to be entertained and informed, and they respond with their wallets.

  • Your digital messages are inconsistent
  • Your white papers and case studies don’t generate leads
  • You know you need content marketing but don’t know where to start
  • Social media is a foreign land to you

Become the expert your audience leans on for knowledge and advice.

Content marketing is all about consistency. Wherever they appear, the stories you tell should follow your content strategy without fail. That’s good news in our minds.

What it means is that one powerful piece of original material can be presented in many forms to meet your business objectives and appeal to the particular interests of your intended audiences.

Done right, strategic content marketing is not only a great way to educate each of your potential customers in ways they truly appreciate, it’s also a very efficient way to generate leads and nurture leads.

Content marketing possibilities are limitless

Sales happen more naturally when you provide valuable information rather than a sales pitch.

Pennebaker has considerable expertise in this crucial arena. We can help you build a solid content marketing campaign that drives traffic and fosters rewarding customer relationships across the board—often with a few key elements.

As an example, an in-depth case study or technical paper that fascinates one audience can easily be transformed into various shorter forms perfect for sales presentations and online resources, and then again for social media posts, trade show videos or email campaigns.

Drip campaigns: How one great article leads to another

Once you begin, there’s no stopping you. When a customer shows interest in your content, keep the good stuff coming so they can continue to be up on the latest news and industry information and have you to thank for it.

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