Take an inspiring two-day trip to a whole new level.

  • Your company is falling behind the competition
  • You’ve lost sight of your goals and strategy
  • Your company isn’t appealing to top talent
  • Changes are putting your leaders at odds with each other

Strategic Guardrails helps define your path to success.

This proprietary workshop helps your leaders redefine the organization to better clarify where you’re headed, uncover what truly differentiates your products and services in the marketplace, and identify the communication strategies and tools to get you there. A senior consultant leads the management team through a defined, proven process that has helped transform and grow companies and organizations around the world.

Is your business as good as it could be?

Ask yourself: If you were to restart your organization from scratch, would you structure it, describe it or market it in the same way? If the answer is no, it’s time to take a deep dive. Prepare to challenge your assumptions. That’s how real progress is made. By sharing our outside-in perspective with your management team, we work together to uncover unexpected opportunities and differentiators.

As with everything Pennebaker does, our Strategic Guardrails workshop relies on a proven process, but otherwise, it comes together differently for every client we serve because it’s based on your particular business goals, your best customers’ demands and the unique position you wish to hold in the market.

We prepare by reviewing and analyzing your existing market research, then independently verify the competition’s messaging and positioning. The workshop itself takes place over two days, after which, we combine, analyze and synthesize what we’ve gathered into an executive summary presentation that includes recommendations you need to guide your company through its transformation.

Specific areas include:

  • A clear, differentiating marketplace positioning
  • Definition of your “ideal targets” and what drives their decision-making
  • A powerful messaging framework, including a Strategic Guardrails statement and elevator speech
  • Recommended go-to-market strategy
  • Quarterly follow-ups to measure results
  • Ongoing access to senior strategists
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