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It’s easy to think that in down times, marketing should be the first to go. The sentiment goes all the back to the 1920s when Post was the leader in the ready to eat cereal market. The depression hit, and they did just that – Post pulled the plug on their advertising efforts.

Pennebaker Web Developer and Code Guru, Spenser Hannon, discusses why he references this site regularly.

2018 was a year of client work we are proud of, company milestones, and team-oriented accomplishments - One of which being named Agency of the Year.

One of the most common complaints we hear from potential clients is “Our website sucks.” Very often it’s true, but for different reasons than they think.

GE’s recent acquisition of Baker Hughes, creating a separate company and name, and now with talk of GE exiting oil and gas, is an interesting case study in strategy and brand.​

Measuring something requires definition and structure. A simple definition of brand is that it is a promise.

Planning a rebrand is like getting a first pet. Arriving home is not the time to ask “what does it eat”?

What’s the meaning of life? How many pizzas do you need to order to feed ten people? And how much does a website cost?

Zeal nutritional products had been selling like hotcakes. And yet, our client saw the potential to reach a broader, younger audience.

Coming up with a name is easy. Coming up with a good name is hard. Coming up with a good name no one else has thought of gets even harder.

Despite all the sugar, our birthday celebrations have left a bitter taste in many a mouth. The culprit? The obligatory singing of the Happy Birthday song.

Methodology is for sissies, right? Mavericks in branding, as in everything else, can always do things their own way -- and reap the rewards!

Distributing marketing materials online frees us from the cost of printing and delivery. And yet, occasionally, we wonder: Would a printed piece get more attention?

No matter the age, good content can always be effective content.

What’s surprising, then, is how often and how well humor is used in both B2C and increasingly B2B marketing communications. With more sophisticated measurements and ROI calculations available, laughter has proved itself a bankable tool in the marketing arsenal.

‘For God’s sake, don’t make anyone think.’ For some marketing communications, that’s a reliable recipe for success. Like a McDonald’s burger, a company’s basic pieces are best served fast, cheap and packaged in a familiar wrapper.

For probably the 29th year in a row (and we’re 30 this year!), Pennebaker sent out a humorous holiday card for 2013.