Generate leads, make a splash, shorten your sales cycle

  • You’re launching a new product or service
  • Your new product appeals to a specific target
  • You want to showcase a product away from your corporate website
  • You want to streamline your sales process

A custom microsite puts your story front and center

Anything you can do to make sure your target audience sees that you have a new product that they need to know about is smart business. Having a digital presence is vital, but your corporate website may not be the best place for it.

Pennebaker develops custom microsites that get to the point—quickly and easily. As part of a coordinated campaign, a new product microsite not only attracts visitors you might not have otherwise reached, but it also can spark much better engagement once they get there.

Disruption is the name of the game. Distraction is not.

A clean, easy-to-navigate microsite gives customers the product information they need to make a purchasing decision or to contact your sales team.

The content is clear, concise, relevant and valuable—all based on what we know and learn about your new product and your customers ahead of time.

There’s a science to the process. One we understand and appreciate. Consider the advantages of this powerful digital sales tool:

  • Easier way to generate leads and demand
  • Improves sales performance
  • Complements the brand but with a more targeted tool
  • Sets your new product apart in a special way
  • Allows more targeted communications without distraction
  • Provides a potential gallery to showcase new products in the future
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