Social Media Communications Riding the Wave

Eventually, most companies decide to venture into social media. It’s the new frontier of marketing, and while it does have its downsides, we’ve all seen the upsides, and they’re undeniable. Possibilities include engaging customers in a new way, staying top of mind, and even carving out a new niche in the social media landscape. But, social media needs constant attention, and many businesses don’t have the bandwidth to do it internally. So we offer a customized approach that fits each company’s business category, supports its brand, and aligns with its marketing strategy.

Ranking Channels: What’s right for your company?

Not all channels are appropriate for all companies. Once we look at who you want to talk to, what you want to say, where your stakeholders are having those conversations, and how much effort you want to expend, we can help you make an informed decision about the channels you should consider. We’re talking about using a bow and arrow approach versus the shotgun method we see taken so often, so . . . tragically.

Tailoring Content: What kinds of posts will work for you?

It’s helpful to think of social media in terms of parties. You have different conversations at business mixer than you do at a family gathering. That is due to the familiarity you have with your audience and their familiarity with you. So consider why an audience is present at any given channel. Here are our thoughts:

Facebook: Where people go to catch up with friends and family

LinkedIn: Where people go to catch up with colleagues, for career opportunities and networking

Twitter: Where people go for customized news and thought leadership

YouTube: Where people go for entertainment and education

Instagram: Facebook for generation z

Pinterest: Visual inspiration

Editorial Calendar

Once we determine which channels are appropriate for your company, we’ll develop an editorial calendar that makes sense for your brand and your audience.

Response Protocol: Feedback is good

Once you start having conversations online, customers will respond. This is a good thing, even though sometimes you won’t like what people have to say.

A lot of our customers are concerned about online feedback, but think of it this way: Those conversations were probably happening before, you just didn’t know about it. Our approach to responding to hostile posts was founded by the US Air Force. Now those guys know how to scramble the jets when there is trouble!

Ready to try social media?

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