Think of us as GPS for your business destination and no one else’s.

  • Traditional media isn’t moving the needle
  • You need proven communications expertise
  • You’re having trouble finding your audience on a budget

No more looking for love in all the wrong places

What’s the smartest way to connect with your target? There’s no one right answer.  Sometimes getting to that is a dynamic process based on clear goals and educated predictions.

Pennebaker believes in the power of thinking. We think long and hard about your goals and your audience before we map out a plan. And we’re not afraid to suggest adjustments to that plan as we monitor its performance.

When we say targeted communications, we mean every word of it.

Pennebaker’s communications specialists have deep experience in the vast universe of potential media options. We start with a blank slate. Every time.

Your communications strategy is yours alone. And it could take advantage of any channel or tactic, from traditional media to digital media to the completely unconventional, because successful ideas often come from unexpected avenues.

With a clear strategy, and your budget, in mind, we recommend a plan of action and help you execute it. As we monitor results, we may fine-tune things along the way, using your success as our guide.

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