Fairfield Geotechnologies

The Need

As the pioneer of cableless seismic nodal technology with an established reputation in multi-client data, Fairfield Geotechnologies was the leader in the Ocean Bottom Nodal space. However, this burgeoning technology attracted several competitors that begin to chip away at their market share and reputation as innovators. They needed a new brand and messaging to reinforce their technological dominance.

The Thinking

The field of seismic acquisition is one of the most highly technical areas of oil and gas exploration and production. But, the look of seismic acquisition companies, including Fairfield, was still rooted in that old-school clunky, O&G feel. To re-establish itself as the innovation leader, the brand needed to elevate its brand expression and redefine the brand voice.

The Idea

Projecting the high degree of technical and engineering prowess of Fairfield, required a rethink of almost every element. We retained their centuries-old golden symbol but paired it with a light, modern font and a distinctive ocean bottom blue color palette. Together, these elements give emotional resonance to Fairfield’s technical expertise.

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