The Need

Zap Emergency Medical Services was operating in a competitive market against many private companies and government-run emergency services. They had a different outlook than many of the competitors with a dream team of employees and an unmatched level of professionalism. But their unrecognizable and unrefined brand did not reflect that reality. In a crowded field, they needed every part of their visual identity elevated so that customers saw the vigor and expertise they brought to emergency and non-emergency medical situations.

The Thinking

In case of emergencies, many don’t know they have options of who to call. The government-run agencies have strong recognition. But, many of the other emergency services’ brand identities portray a “mom and pop” vibe that doesn’t offer the same assurance of professional, high-quality and reliable care. We knew we needed to separate Zap’s visual identity and messaging from the other EMS services to offer a trustworthy, strong brand that competitors were not delivering.

The Idea

We started by updating their logo to be more fitting of a big player in the industry. We modified and refined their color palette to be bold, consistent and professional. We took a modern approach that would help them stand out from a color perception standpoint—not the commonly used red often attributed to emergency response. The distinctive and unique color palette helped them stand out, inspired confidence and helped their best billboard be noticeable—their vehicles. We also updated their web content and trade dress to complement the new vehicle graphics we created, so it all matched and looked sharp, big league and professional.

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