Certain brands make an unmistakable impression. Be one of those. 

  • You want to name or rename a company
  • Your company needs a new logo
  • You want to establish your brand in the marketplace

Your corporate ID says a lot about you. Better make it good.

A logo can seem like such an innocent thing. It’s not. Your logo and its accompanying brand identity speak volumes about your company and what you stand for when no one is around to explain.

To Pennebaker, and our clients, great logos are borne of extremely hard work, honest introspection and a focus on potential interpretations that borders on the obsessive.

Using our own very deliberate process, which includes research and competitive analysis, we help you create a powerful, long-lasting impression—and protect it like the valuable badge of honor that it is—by establishing your own unique:

  • Brand personality
  • Voice and tone
  • Look and feel
  • Brand guidelines

We especially love these assignments.

Discovering the essence of your brand

It’s time to make your mark in the world.

So, what’s the secret to a successful corporate brand? An unwavering commitment to crafting the right elements into one consistent package, punctuated by your own special mark. Your logo.

We believe a great logo must be simple, distinctive and memorable. No easy feat. Even then, you’re only halfway there.

Essential logo traits

  • Displays an elegant, professional design
  • Aligns with your product and company values
  • Clearly resonates with your audience
  • Works well in any media—in any color, at any size

At the risk of repeating ourselves, it should be simple, distinctive and memorable.

Backing up your logo, let’s talk about your name.

If yours is an established brand name, wonderful. But if naming a new product or business is in order, you’re also in luck. We’ve helped dozens of companies in a range of industries develop distinctive names, using a tried-and-true process that begins with a nearly ridiculous slew of contenders and ends with a solid name that resonates with your team, your customers—and your lawyers.

We’re not done yet. Now we package this up for success.

This is how your logo moves from its value as a striking visual design element to a powerful expression of your brand promise and personality everywhere you show up.

  • Stationery and signage
  • Website and related digital media
  • Marketing communications
  • Sales and executive presentations
  • Investor relations materials

One final tip: Share your new brand story with your employees

Your staff and sales people should personify your corporate brand values. Make sure they can. Communications should be clear, exciting and ongoing. We’re ready when you are.

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