SEO And Paid Search Getting found online.

There are three universal desires: Everyone wants to be skinnier, richer, and get more traffic on their site. We can help with #3.

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Background Research: First things first

Every search engine optimization project begins with understanding your market. We want to take some time to understand who you want to talk to, what your brand essence is, what your goals are for your site. Once we understand a bit more about your business, we’ll get to work on auditing your site.

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Baseline Analytics

We’ll start by looking at your current analytics to see if there are any red flags. What key words are bringing people to your site? Where are they landing? We’ll get the lay of the land, and then start tweaking for improvements.

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Metadata: What’s up with those page titles and H1 tags?

We will want to look at the content on the site, and how the metadata is set. It may be that you are not getting the traffic you want on your site because you don’t have the right content, or it may be that you have great content, but you don’t talk about it in the same way your customers do. Our seasoned pros know where traffic falls through the cracks.

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Paid Search: Jumpstart the returns

Sometimes it takes a while for SEO changes to kick in. Hey, it’s competitive out there! We can help you get some quick wins through paid search. We work with your budget to get you the most bang for your buck, and we track results.

We also look at how your campaign is performing over time, and make adjustments to improve the results. Little changes can make a big difference, so here’s a tip: ad word campaigns aren’t a “set it and forget it” proposition.

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Online Advertising Tactics

We have a lot of programmatic, contextual, and geo-targeted tricks up our sleeve to get traffic to your site. Don’t know what that stuff is? Fortunately, we do, and we’ll put it to work for you if it is appropriate and fits within your budget.

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