Investor Communications Talk about ROI

We help a lot of clients improve their communication with Wall Street – whether that means making complicated messages more memorable to investors, or simply more professional looking presentation materials. You don’t have to tell us: we know that effective investor communications can lead to some very profitable outcomes.

Annual Report Design: Telling the tale.

A well-crafted annual report can be one of the most important communication devices for your company. In addition to clearly laying out your vision and performance to investors, it can serve as a key recruiting tool. Whether digital or print, we specialize in producing annual reports that tell your story clearly, in the best possible light.

Investor/Analyst events: Creating impact.

Hosting an event can be a remarkably effective way to communicate your vision to top investors and analysts, free from the distractions of their normal busy days. Pennebaker can help with everything from venue selection, to event structuring, to presentation and multimedia content development, speech writing and coaching, – including and down to securing the proper AV equipment. We’re here to make you look good. 

Road Shows: Going mobile.

Sometimes you need to take your message and presentation to the investors. We can help craft your message and build a presentation that clearly and beautifully communicates the information your investors want and need to hear.

Board Meeting Presentations: Enlisting support.

Many of our clients are resource-constrained and so caught up with daily responsibilities that they need help preparing for their board meetings. We can help take some of the stress off of internal teams by producing effective and beautiful presentations that clearly communicate your message to the board.

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