Sales Presentations May The Force Be With You May the Force Be with You

Is your sales force talking about your products and services the way you want them to? Do the representatives sell in a way that supports the marketing message? Do reps talk about the company in consistent terms – among offices, regions, countries? The way your sales force communicates – the vocabulary, the messages, the sales pitches, the presentations – speaks volumes about your brand. When the lines of communication match up, it can make a huge difference to your bottom line. When it comes to building a brand, you’ve got to get it together.

The central sales message: Let’s make it clear.

Having a clear and differentiated message is important if you don’t want to be a me-too company. Pennebaker works hard to understand our client’s place in the market and help position them in a way that (a) captures customers’ attention and (b) clarifies the value of this service and company. By building a sales message around what is driving your customer’s urgency, we can help your sales team get more consistent results.

Crystaphase had a hard time talking about their complicated offerings.

Fortunately, we speak engineer and were able to help them translate the value of their offerings to their clients.   

See what we did for Crystaphase

Message Alignment: Talking in the same voice.

With today’s often silo-ed organizations, sales people are rarely included in the marketing communication process. We can help you sell your marketing message internally and get buy-in before you take the message to customers. It’s not that we want robo-sales people, but we do want them using the same language.

Presentation skills: Creating sales tools that get results.

Many of our client’s offerings are technical and difficult to communicate. Without the proper tools, it can be difficult for sales people to break through the clutter and persuade a skeptical audience. Whether it is an explanatory animation, expert videos, diagrams, leave behind brochures, a campaign of case studies, or technical papers, we design sales tools to be effective at helping your sales team close deals.

Marketing strategy: Feedback from the front lines.

We like to get feedback from the sales force after they have had a chance to try their new pitch. What worked? When did you customer’s eyes light up? What didn’t work? We take that feedback and then adjust the presentation so it is as effective as possible. Sometimes things just need a touch-up to really make contact.

Sales pitches all over the map?

You might need us.