Schlumberger: GeoSphere Reservoir Mapping-While-Drilling Service

Theme and Messaging

From a communication standpoint, the messaging for launching the GeoSphere Service had to be as innovative as the service itself. Centered on the idea of “revealing” more of the reservoir than ever before, Pennebaker suggested “There’s No Place For ‘It’ to Hide” as the underlying theme/message for the launch. The message not only conveyed a sense of enhanced viewing, but also provided intrigue as to what “it” could be (e.g., oil, water, faults, or even the entire reservoir). The only way for prospective buyers to find out was to come to the event.


In line with the theme, we developed the concept and artwork for the launch event invitation, utilizing compelling copy and “revealing” techniques to pique audience interest.

Slb Invite Close
Slb Invite Open

Planning, Coordination, and Art Direction

Although the event was held in Abu Dhabi, the orchestration, planning, and preparation occurred in Houston.

For set design, staging, signage, event staff, audio-visual, and technical support on-site at the event, Pennebaker engaged a top-of-the-line production team in Abu Dhabi. We worked closely with the team, providing creative guidance for the design of the stage and event space. We also organized the logistical details for the event, which were communicated to the team on a regular basis, ensuring that all parties were in-sync every step of the way.

  • Slb Event 5B
  • Slb Event 2
  • Slb Event 1

Presentation Content and Speaker Preparation

In addition to coordinating on-site logistics with the team in Abu Dhabi, Pennebaker developed the content for the main presentation at the launch event, which consisted of live and recorded segments that had to be meticulously timed with one another within a 30-minute time frame.

We scripted the entire presentation, which included four videos, and oversaw the video production. To ensure timing and flow between the live speaking parts and the video segments, Pennebaker staged several rehearsals in Houston with the keynote speaker to coach him on his delivery and finalize the exact timing of the presentation.

Opening Animation

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