Tokio Marine HCC

The need

Tokio Marine needed a suite of materials that reflected their insurance’s unique nature and spoke to the different niche markets they occupy. Typical insurance offerings like auto, home, or health are universally understood. Underwriting for things as unique as ransom, concert events, marine vessels or skydiving companies requires a unique kind of messaging and marketing. With such a diverse and creative portfolio, Tokio Marine HCC needed a way to convey the specialty nature of Specialty Insurance.

The thinking

How do you create a suite of materials and brand elements flexible enough to convey diverse and challenging business concepts for a group of vastly different subsidiaries? And how do you make it dynamic, cohesive and engaging? One thought was that most business owners want to move forward and run their business without worry or interruption. Specialty Insurance allows them the freedom to focus on their business without the constant worry about the risk.

The idea

Keeping business moving forward became the foundational idea of the brand visuals. Despite being overused, we decided that the Arrow would be the best visual element for this idea. However, we couldn’t use generic arrows to represent the unique nature of specialty insurance. To meet that challenge, we created multiple collections of colorful, moving, flowing arrow groups. Each group represented business or benefit concepts provided by the client.

Tokio-marine-brochure-1 TMHCC_Mockup_Combined

Tokio-marine-aviation-wide Tokio-marine-wide-2


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