Plantx Logo Color

Pennebaker developed the Plantgistix name and logo design to introduce the larger idea of enhanced mobility, efficiency, and flow. Bold and colorful, the new brand identity represents a modern, high tech company, and the tagline prompts customers to think about the company’s new, larger purpose: to keep business moving.


The clean and simple website design tells a story, stressing the streamlined nature of the larger logistics offering versus selling specific services. Highlights include the “extras” that Plantgistix offers to move things forward.

  • Plantx Website
  • Plantx Website


Plantx Business Cards

“You helped us to break away from our old, stale and ineffective brand/business model. We were able to redefine our business, build a powerful new brand and energize us to help us get to the next level.”

— Marc Levine, CEO Plantgistix

External Communications

Throughout the collateral materials, we used bold and user-friendly copy, with enough detail to demonstrate that Plantgistix knows how to manage the entire plastics packaging process, down to the smallest detail.

Plantx Brochure 4

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