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After going through the Strategic Guardrails process, the company had a solid brand identity and strategy to guide the team moving forward. Pennebaker suggested the name “Nine.” Interesting, right? It’s an insider thing: in the oilfield, achieving perfection is almost impossible. The savvy know that on a scale of one to ten, nine is as close as anyone is going to get.

Nine represents confidence and determination, tempered with humility and a drive for constant learning. The idea struck a chord with the leaders right away, and this became the cornerstone of their new brand strategy.


Our Strategic Guardrails exercise isolated the company’s key advantage: Nine had the reach of a large company delivered with the nimbleness and accessibility of a smaller company. Its willingness to develop custom solutions would be a breath of fresh air for their customers who were accustomed to “making do” with catalog orders, or simply taking what the Big Boys were selling.

This concept served as Nine’s key messaging in everything that followed.

Nine Advertising


Nine’s responsive website design has a more narrative quality than those of traditional energy service firms. The objective was to strike a friendly tone, and provide enough information to engage an audience and encourage customers to think of Nine, not as a supplier, but as a working partner.

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