Mar 05, 2019

My Favorite Website Is...

Pennebaker Web Developer and Code Guru, Spenser Hannon, shares why he references this website regularly.
By Spenser Hannon

And the Winner of My Favorite Website Goes to? (warning - site contains explicit language)

What’s my favorite website? My favorite website is one based on an oft-used template complete with the same stock photos, buttons, and architecture and they get their point across in a well, interesting way. There are many websites that I like to frequent for reference, to substantiate ideas, and to compare but one that I continually go to for a laugh is It’s a site that through light sarcasm, hones in on the approach of that when developing a website, be creative and above else, don’t be like everyone else… don’t be boring.

Essentially, it’s a website’s play on a website. Though the language is a bit coarse at times, it’s laugh-out-loud funny, relatable, and the tone is jarring shake-you-back-to-life. The points are well-thought out, and likely well-taken from many companies and industries with all coming to the conclusion: don’t make the same website you've seen ten million times before.

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