Jul 02, 2019

Ward Pennebaker Speaks at Chamber Leadership Development Program (CLA)

Ward gave a presentation highlighting the importance of brand differentiation and led breakout sessions demonstrating how these insights can help chamber leaders with grant writing, fundraising, and membership.
By Amy Drews and Evelyn Fischer

Key Insights and Discussion Topics:

  1. Brand Identity

    A strong brand is a signal to the community. Is your brand clear and consistent?

  2. Positioning and Differentiaton

    What is your business purpose? What justifies your existence? What is it that only you can do? Once you have the answer to these questions, focus on that.

  3. Target Audience

    Who is it that you’re trying to reach? By understanding the psychological and situational profiles of your customers, you can spend your resources wisely.

  4. Purpose

    What is your core purpose? Why do people wake up in the morning to come to work? There’s a sense that you must have a purpose behind what you do.

The Chamber Leadership Development Program

This program, put on by the Chamber Leadership Alliance, was held to train the leaders of diverse state and local chambers on business development. The Chamber Leadership Program leverages knowledge from subject matter experts in the higher education and business community to provide leaders with the necessary tools to grow sustainable chambers/chapters and advocacy organizations to effectively build and strengthen minority, women, LGBT, disability, and veteran business communities. Ward's presentation and interactive session enlightened these leaders on how they can use brand strategy to increase the effectiveness of grant writing, fundraising, and membership.

Please enjoy this image gallery from the event.

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