Nov 19, 2021

And Pennebaker takes center stage… again!

Over the past year, we picked up more business than ever in our 37+ year history by working hard, staying true to our word and committing to deliver the best product for our clients. And, the Lantern Awards agreed. We swept the awards ceremony, most notably receiving Best in Show and People’s Choice Awards. Below are a few of our breakthrough projects from the past year.
By Pennebaker

Dräeger’s most influential trade show was coming up. We wanted to do something big and bold to maximize brand awareness and position Dräeger’s expertise in the space. Our team literally “painted the town blue” and created various environmental graphics, video and much more to generate qualified leads.

Take a Look at Our Work:

Big Brother Big Sisters (BBBS) wanted to target male Bigs, or mentors, in the Texas region to help alleviate the number of male Littles (kids). It followed the Amachi campaign, which also targeted men in Texas, but specifically men of African American or Hispanic descent. Pennebaker leveraged a variety of digital platforms, moving away from the typical outlets like Facebook, with engaging advertising content and targeted users based on behavior-based interests across the nine BBBS markets.

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OnSolve has long been recognized as the world leader in emergency critical communications for governments, companies, first responders, employees and communities. With its recent acquisition of an AI-driven intelligence platform for situational awareness, it moved into the forefront of the Critical Event Management services segment.

The company needed to rebrand to better represent the company it had become. The timeframe was tight and with the help of Pennebaker, OnSolve’s new brand and market position made a splash.

Take a Look at Our Work:

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