Apr 08, 2021

Is Houston the Next Social Media Marketing Influencer Hotspot?

H-Town has everything Los Angeles, Atlanta and NYC has - and more.
By Anthony Darby





The platforms differ, but the focus is the same. Develop content that is relatable, trendy, and engaging that gets the attention of everyday users and brands. Gone are the days when the sole purpose of social media was to share. Social media has exploded in the last few years. Some people have full-time jobs creating content on social media and are inching their way towards being revered the same way athletes and celebrities have for decades: see Jake Paul, Addison Rae, Ryan Kaji, and Marques Brownlee.

Houston has seen its share of influencers rise to the mainstream and across industries. Health and Wellness: @FullyRawKristina, Hair & Makeup: @Jackietzangmua, Music: @Bamitskam, and Houston Eats: @HangryHoustonian are a few of the most prominent. With the 4th largest population in the U.S., incredible diversity and an influx of more people each day, some are eyeing Houston as the next social media hotspot.

I, for one, agree. Let's get into why.

What Makes Houston the Next Influencer Hotspot?

Houston is a hotspot for many reasons — the proximity to the gulf and many lakes, an array of professional sports teams, state colleges and HBCUs, a national forest, renown golf courses, a thriving music scene, and a food lover's dream — to name a few. Because of these benefits, industries (healthcare, oil & gas, manufacturing, aerospace) and attractions, we have many social media enthusiasts turning into influencers because the reach and content opportunities are vast.

Also contributing to the visibility of Houston is its regular national news coverage for weather events, politics, and the reach/interest in news personalities like Dominique Sachse and Isiah Carey. The popularity of Houston artists like Travis Scott, Lizzo, Beyonce, Megan Thee Stallion, Tobe Nwigwe, and many more garner regular attention for this city. For these reasons, it could be argued that Houston is not on the verge of being the next national hotspot — it already is.

What's Next For Social Media?

Remember when people on social would think of and post their own content organically? That seems like eons ago. Today, "Collab Cribs" are all the rage. Collab Cribs are mansions or homes lived in by an assortment of social media influencers who leverage their knowledge, platforms, and audiences to benefit reciprocally. These collab cribs are located in major cities and significant content hotspots: Los Angeles, New York City, and Atlanta, particularly. Collaboration is all the rage now in this 2021 landscape. You help me, and I help you. You expose me to your audience, and I expose you to mine. We do a video for this brand together and split the profit.

Is Houston next for a collab crib? Destined to be recognized by the mainstream as the hotspot? That's to be determined. Whether we make our mark for beauty, comedy, sports, lifestyle, health, wellness, food or something entirely new, Houston has dropped its flag as a place to be recognized for its swagger and influence. George W. Bush summed up what makes Houstonians stand out in social best when he said: "Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called 'walking.'"

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