Vertist Consultants

A small consulting firm needed to show global clients it knew how to make change happen.

Pennebaker was hired to help launch a brand strategy for a new change management consulting firm specializing in remote international assignments. The chosen name represented both the science and art involved in helping companies implement lasting and positive business change.

Our Strategic Guardrails session resulted in a mandate for Vertist to look, sound ,and feel more engaged and hands-on than the large consulting firm competition — while conveying the same level of sophistication.


The Vertist brand logo was designed with motion in mind. The initial “V” employs several different typefaces, visually representing both adaptability and change. On the website, the transformation is animated.




The Vertist website design features conceptual illustration and bold headlines, while the content focuses on the impact of change. The clean, modern site steers clear of theory. Rather, the four straightforward sections quickly arrive at buyer benefits. The efficiency of navigation and simplicity in tone help clients and prospects feel that this is a company that can get the job done with a minimal amount of hassle.

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