A plastic packager needed to reinvent itself to focus on how its logistics expertise keeps clients’ business moving.

For decades, the leaders at United Companies had believed that they were in the business of packaging and delivering resin pellets. But with plastic plant efficiencies improving, the old business model no longer applied. Pennebaker’s task was to reimagine United's business strategy for today’s changing industry.

During our Strategic Guardrails session, it became clear that United had relegated itself to a commodities category. Our recommendation was to expand the organization’s value: present a more consultative offering focused on in-plant and off-site logistics.

The new brand focus? The uninterrupted, organized, and on-time flow of things, which greatly expands the company’s role and importance. This became the framework for the Plantgistix rebrand and future marketing communications.


Pennebaker developed the Plantgistix name and logo design to introduce the larger idea of enhanced mobility, efficiency, and flow. Bold and colorful, the new brand identity represents a modern, high tech company, and the tagline prompts customers to think about the company’s new, larger purpose: to keep business moving.


The clean and simple website design tells a story, stressing the streamlined nature of the larger logistics offering versus selling specific services. Highlights include the “extras” that Plantgistix offers to move things forward.




“You helped us to break away from our old, stale and ineffective brand/business model. We were able to redefine our business, build a powerful new brand and energize us to help us get to the next level.”

— Marc Levine, CEO Plantgistix

External Communications

Throughout the collateral materials, we used bold and user-friendly copy, with enough detail to demonstrate that Plantgistix knows how to manage the entire plastics packaging process, down to the smallest detail.