Hydrokinetics Launched a Digital Marketing Campaign that Landed New Leads and a 420% ROI

Hydrokinetics is a Texas-based refinery and petrochemical service company that uses its patented sonic technology to remove foulants from pipes and process equipment. It has earned a reputation for solving the most challenging problems, and with a far safer approach, they can restore flow in a fraction of the time of conventional hydroblasting companies, quickly getting operations back to peak profitability.

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Hydrokinetics wanted to increase the number of web-based leads. Due to the vertical nature of its audience, the long sales cycle and its highly-technical offering, it anticipated that it would be relatively challenging to generate the leads it wanted. 


Pennebaker launched a digital marketing campaign designed to help increase leads for Hydrokinetics. Using our marketing automation platform (MAP) to help collect and nurture leads, we produced a series of case studies that highlighted the clear technical differentiation and distinct advantages of Hydrokinetic’s offerings in specific applications. We then emailed a case study to the company's existing contacts using our MAP. 

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“It has been 24 hours since we sent our first marketing mail out, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. We knew the message would only be pertinent to a select few, but it has been very effective. We have already received 2 solid job inquiries due to the email – one of which was from a customer we have not dealt with in 10 years.”

— Brooks Bradford Jr.


In the first three months, Hydrokinetics has collected 12 new sales qualified leads (SQLs) with an estimated value of $360,000. The first of a series of email campaigns generated two SQLs, one of which was from a client that they had not worked with for nearly 10 years. The ROI on the project to date is over 420%.

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