A high tech seismic supplier needed to show the value of fresh thinking in a me-too industry.

In 2013 FairfieldNodal believed that its current brand had genuinely served its purpose. The high tech nodal seismic systems and technology company had set out to educate the industry on how to do seismic right—expanding its cable-free technology to even the tightest, most remote locations. The timing was right for new messaging.

Strategic Guardrails session led Pennebaker to recommend recalibrating the brand to focus on the specific benefits of FairfieldNodal’s sleek and integrated seismic solutions. This time around, the objective was to emphasize the company’s innovation and accessibility, which distinguished it in a sometimes rough-and-tumble O&G industry.


The rebranding involved a new, responsive website design organized around the way products and services are sold by the company. A key feature is the Seismic Licensing Tool, which makes access to FairfieldNodal’s multi-client seismic database more user-friendly and powerful than ever before.

In contrast to static traditional maps, Pennebaker developed a unique, interactive “drill-down” capability that allows users to filter, select, and request specific maps, in progressive levels of detail, all on one screen. Suddenly, the old way of map licensing seems, well, carbon-dated. View the map.

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In conjunction with the new website, Pennebaker developed an information management system for FairfieldNodal’s entire service and product brochure collection. The purpose was to create a family look, while identifying both the market and the buyer benefits quickly, on the cover.



Pennebaker designed FairfieldNodal’s targeted advertising campaign using a new tone that is straightforward, down-to-earth, and borderline irreverent. Through its voice, the company now comes across as the no-nonsense, next generation provider in the oilfield industry.


Trade Show Booth

A redesign of FairfieldNodal’s trade show booths focused on maintaining the bold color palette and imagery of the new brand.

fno-tradeshow-1 fno-tradeshow-2

Trade Show Kiosk

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