Product Launch Design for Take-Off

We love helping our customers grow! Product and service launches give us the opportunity to literally change the market landscape. Whether your firm is trying to divert market share from an established competitor, refresh a product to retain market share, or introduce a unique technology in its own unique space, we help you develop an approach for maximum impact.

It all starts with strategy.

Everything we do at Pennebaker begins with a plan. We take the time to understand your market and the product or service you are commercializing, helping you define the very best customers and what drives their urgency. We also help identify where you would be wasting your time.

The right value proposition, right from the get-go.

Once we understand the market landscape we define your position and help develop a message that adds context to your product or service. The purpose? To differentiate your product on more than just price.

Engaging your sales force as well as your customers.

Marketing plans won’t work if sales force doesn’t support the message. We work directly with sales people to develop a unified story about your product – essential to building a brand in the market. We develop presentations that help the sales force address your customers’ most urgent needs.

Communication plans not off-the-shelf.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to introducing a product to the market. Will advertising work? Maybe, but there may be more cost-effective ways to reach your oh-so vertical audience. We don’t charge commission on advertising, so we aren’t interested if it won’t drive results. There are so many options – that’s where things get creative.

Creating a digital footprint.

When customers go online to find answers to their problems, will they find your products? They will if you partner with us. We will help create a web presence that showcases your product as better than the competition and gets customers where they live in terms of value. Pennebaker makes sure your online talk matches the sales force talk – helpful when they go to close the sale.

Collateral that communicates.

The possibilities are endless! Our comfort zone includes everything from brochures to product spec sheets, from direct mail to case studies and white papers, and from videos and animations to illustrations, so we can generate the right collateral to present your brand in the best light, persuade skeptical audiences, and help close sales. Rest assured: we’re looking at whatever it takes to get your new offering off the ground.

We understand technology.

Whether you are in the biotech, oil and gas, petrochemical, or healthcare industries, we are used to helping our customer solve the tough problems. B2B is our focus and we love the challenge of cracking vertical markets.

As much or as little support as you need.

Our approach is flexible and we adapt to the way you want to do business.

Some of our clients have large in-house departments, and only want us to help with the strategy. For other clients, we are their marketing departments, so we do everything for them. Our account managers provide the support to keep projects moving and performing at the highest level.

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