. . . Charlie Cosad


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Charlie completed a 38 year international career with Schlumberger in 2016, working across the company in a number of business lines and headquarters. His first 11 years were in Far East where he began in wireline, then well testing and completions. This was followed by 5 years in the Middle East in operations management, then Aberdeen, including a 4 years secondment to BP as a drilling manager.  

Charlie’s transition to marketing began in 1999 when he became marketing manager for a $1bn revenue acquisition to be integrated across Schlumberger (which included engaging Pennebaker).  This was followed by a series of headquarters assignments including technical manager for the integrated project management business, director marketing communications, and marketing and brand integration manager for both the Smith International and Cameron acquisitions.  

Charlie holds BSc, magna cum laude, in mechanical engineering from Syracuse University and MSc degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University. 

Book that stayed with you?  
Iron John, a book about men. How to turn boys into to men is becoming a lost art.   

Movie you can watch over and over?
The Fabulous Baker Boys. Michelle Pfeiffer, Jeff and Beau Bridges—a genius combination. Streets of Fire a close second.   

The best meal you ever cooked?
Toast. Ok, before you go off, I made the sprouted wheat bread by hand.