Product Positioning Workshop  Boost market potential for your products and services.

Let’s face it. Breaking through in today’s market landscape isn’t the walk in the park it used to be. Competition is fierce and noisy. Customers are distracted and hard to find. If you don’t want to be ignored or commoditized, you have to position your brand.
Our product positioning workshop is a five to six-hour strategic brainstorming session between your key management team and Pennebaker. Compared to a Strategic Guardrails, it focuses less on your overall business strategy and more on how you position your product or service, understand your buyers’ attributes, optimize your brand hierarchy, and most effectively communicate to the marketplace.

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First, we evaluate your competition.

Not only are your competitors out there, they may not even be who you think they are. We take a hard look at the competitive landscape to determine how you stack up, and how strategic positioning may allow you to reclaim some righteous market share.

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Then we define your target.

We mean really define. What keeps them up at night? What irritates them? What motivates them? We can pretty much guarantee that they’re not looking for an off-the-shelf solution.

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Next, we define you.

Now that we know who you’re talking to and what makes them tick, it’s time to get to the meat of the matter. Namely, how to position your product or service to put you in a category of one.

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It’s your story. Stick to it.

Everyone needs an elevator pitch. We’ll help you craft a story designed to get you to the top floor. Something memorable, engaging, and easily communicated by everyone.

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Finish it off with a solid executive presentation.

Now that you have your story straight, we’ll package everything into a bright, shiny executive presentation to help you communicate everything to the rest of the organization. It summarizes key findings, recommends optimal messaging and brand positioning, and outlines a go-forward strategy that includes specific tactical recommendations, along with a positioning statement and the elevator pitch.

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