. . . Jackie Martinez


Jackie640X740 B

Hike or bike?

BIKE! I cycle almost every day on a fixed gear 8bar bicycle. I love to train on fast rides and cruise on social rides around our beautiful city. Night rides are the best because you can explore different areas in the cooler weather with less traffic. I host rides with my team, TF Cycling and I raise money for non-profits too.

What do your closest friends say about you?

I've been dubbed "Captain Jack" among my friends because of my natural ability to lead and organize plans for our groups. My friends would also say that I love to laugh. In fact, they even made me a necklace that says "Laugh Lots" for my birthday.

What drew you to this profession?

I started my career my sophomore year of high school in the computer lab. I was taking a class to learn advanced skills in Photoshop and Dreamweaver and took to the programs super fast. One of our projects was to create a button for Baker Hughes to promote their HR promotion, "Lagniappe" which asked workers to point out good work and extra initiative when spotted on the job. My work was selected for use and I was offered a part-time job in the department to create more artwork. From there, I progressed into sales and marketing and have continued to expand my knowledge in all areas I'm involved in. That's why I am the "Jack of all Trades".