Jul 08, 2022

Senior Designer/Art Director/Visual Brain Trust

You live in a world of color, lines, pixels and typography. Dream of paper stock, vector art and seamless transitions. And yet, you also interact quite well verbally, and have a mind for strategy, which means you’re perfect for this position.
By Pennebaker

We’re on the lookout for a senior designer/art director - Houston, TX or remote - with solid experience in both print and web, for sure, but one who can also make us proud in a client presentation. With all that in mind, you could definitely get our attention if you can:

  • Handle interactive projects, from strategic concept, site mapping and wireframing to design and development oversight
  • Do the same as above for print and identity projects – handling everything from concept to design, as well as production, print specs and press supervision
  • Present creative concepts and strategy to clients and stakeholders and help sell the work
  • Manage your workload in order to juggle multiple projects and meet deadlines
  • Demonstrate strong craft through typography, composition and attention to detail

All of the above are required, but more is always better. We would expect you to shine in these areas, as well:

  • Experience collaborating with designers, writers, and receiving creative direction
  • Confidence working on large scale projects with fluency in wireframe development
  • Strong portfolio showing proven experience in developing integrated campaigns that create ROI for clients
  • Strong understanding of current interactive design requirements, emerging technology and online media trends
  • A grasp of visual storytelling as it relates to videos and commercials
  • Strong verbal, written and presentation skills

If you can demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship and thoughtfulness, from concept to implementation, expect to be shortlisted.

A bit about us: We like to have fun at work. We all get along, and we like to collaborate. We like our Free Breakfast Friday. We don’t punch a time clock, which is not to say we don’t work some long hours to meet some tight deadlines. That’s life. If we had more free time, we’d bring our own neglected website up to speed. Maybe you could help with that, too. We’ve been producing award-winning communications for high-end clients for over 25 years. Let us hear how you think you’d fit into our group. Resumes are great, but we’d also like to see a link to your previous work. Please tell us about your upcoming availability and any potential salary requirements.

Interested? Email your resume and portfolio to jobs@pennebaker.com today!

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