Jul 08, 2022

Mid-Level Web Designer

You have a passion for all things web design and a strong portfolio to support.
By Pennebaker

We are seeking a mid-level web designer with a strong UX design background and a passion for web design, digital marketing, email marketing, and social media content. You could get our attention if you tick the following boxes:

    • A strong portfolio showing proven experience in developing digital design.

    • Excellent visual design skills.

    • Demonstrate strong craft through typography, composition, and attention to detail.

    • Proficiency in graphic design software, including Adobe XD, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and other visual design tools.

    • Solid understanding of the HTML object model.

    • Intermediate skills in CSS, including font stacks, Flex, and other layout properties.

    • Experience with SVG animations using After Effects w/ Lottie.

    • Intermediate knowledge of responsive design and device optimization.

    • Basic understanding of email template design and how to maximize the medium.

    • Experience with social media ads and how to work within various platform parameters.

    • Good understanding of content management systems, bonus points for Craft.

    • Up-to-date experience with international web standards and technologies.

At Pennebaker, you will:

    • Handle digital projects — from strategic concept, planning, and wireframes to design and art production.

    • Collaborate with account managers, designers, and writers, and receive creative direction

    • Work side by side with the development team to design beautiful and highly functional websites and applications

    • Present creative concepts with confidence

    • Educate and share knowledge with your peers

    • Manage your workload to meet deadlines

If you can demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship and thoughtfulness, from concept to implementation, expect to be shortlisted.

A bit about us: We like to have fun at work. We all get along, and we like to collaborate. We like our Free Breakfast Friday. We don’t punch a time clock, which is not to say we don’t work some long hours to meet some tight deadlines. That’s life. If we had more free time, we’d bring our own neglected website up to speed. Maybe you could help with that, too. We’ve been producing award-winning communications for high-end clients for over 25 years. Let us hear how you think you’d fit into our group. Resumes are great, but we’d also like to see a link to your previous work. Please tell us about your upcoming availability and any potential salary requirements.

Interested? Email your resume and portfolio to jobs@pennebaker.com or send us a note here.

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