Marketing Strategy & Research

Because flying by the seat of one’s pants usually involves a loss of pants.

People would often come to us and say, “Hey, Pennebaker, we need a new logo.” Or, “Hey, Pennebaker, we need a cool website.” As these are things we do, and do well, we were happy to accommodate.

But a few years ago, it occurred to us that people don’t typically wake up in a cold sweat desperately needing a logo or a website. There’s a deeper motivation behind it. Some unmet challenge or unsolved business problem.

Saying it vs meaning it.

Yes, we know. Every agency in the world talks strategy. It’s like a pilot preaching the importance of filing a flight plan—of knowing where you’re going before the wheels leave the tarmac. But the sad truth is, most are flying by the seat of their pants and convincing their clients to do the same.

Many agencies have become dispensers of commodities, offering over-the-counter products for misdiagnosed business afflictions. At Pennebaker, we believe agencies should instead offer customized solutions based on appropriate diagnostics.

We have developed a proprietary methodology—in our opinion, the best kind of methodology—to systematically help our clients uncover the problems that are blocking the paths to their success. This insight allows us to build a foundational strategy to achieve real and measurable objectives. Sort of like business therapy, with a defined outcome.

“We spent years asking people to make decisions on creative issues when they had nothing concrete or logical to base them on,” says Ward Pennebaker. “Strategic Guardrails provides the logic; it creates an actionable decision framework.”

Strategic Guardrails

Ready to take an intense two-day submersion into the psyche of your business? Strategic Guardrails will uncover some honest insights into your customers (the ones you should be working with and ones you shouldn’t), your competitors (real and imagined) and where new opportunities lie. It will clearly differentiate your company, and give you the right messages to take your where you want to go. 

Product Positioning Workshop

For companies that want to focus on the marketing strategy for a particular product or service, Brandrails is a six-hour brainstorming session designed to help you clearly define your offering and the marketplace positioning of your brand.

Any direction beats no direction.

Our goal is to get you a strategic roadmap ASAP. Because without one, you’re literally sailing without a rutter—and you don’t need a two-day session to know that.