Marketing Communications

More than ever before, choices to get your message out seem endless.

Do you want to email a newsletter? Fine-tune your social media? Organize a lunch & learn or distribute a printed report? Many marketers suffer from channel anxiety that can be alleviated with a simple targeted communications plan.

Depending on the situation, some tools are better than others. Digital is critical, but people still like to engage their senses: They appreciate the feel of a nice annual report; they get energized by a powerful trade show experience; they are delighted when a direct mail piece disrupts their routine.

They listen to the radio, they read the newspaper, and they surf the web. The trick is to make it all come together in an orchestrated and impactful way. There are no right tools or wrong tools. Just tools that motivate, impress, and drive the behaviors that matter.

Whether you’re a new company in need of new customers, launching a new product, or grappling with a disruptive change management initiative, Pennebaker can design and produce strategic communications that move the needle and contribute to your success.